AIR FORCE MARS: Providing the Reins of Command--in Emergencies
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ATTENTION Navy/Marine Corps Transfers and new North Central Division applicants. Due to the high volume of requests and illness of key NCD officials it is taking longer then normal to process application. We appreciate you bearing with us. Our volunteer only staff is processing applications in the order received. Thanks again.  

Welcome to the US Air Force MARS North Central Division web site. This site was formerly the USAF MARS Region 3 web site but has been transformed due the restructuring/reorganization of the USAF MARS program which occurred January 1, 2008. Under the new structure and organization, North Central Division comprises portions of the previous Region 3 and Region 1.

The Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) - formerly the Military Affiliate Radio System - is a Department of Defense (DOD) sponsored program, established as separate managed and operated programs by the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The program consists of licensed amateur radio operators who are interested in military communications. They contribute to the MARS mission providing auxiliary or emergency communications on a local, national, and international basis as an adjunct to normal communications. The MARS program is authorized under DOD Instruction 4650.02.

The mission of this site is to provide a source of timely information, links to other MARS sites, links to the Information on North Central Division Digital Operations, links to USAF MARS Training material, the Division and Region Emergency Plans, current contact information for Division and Region and other MARS Officials. In addition there are several links to sites that would be of interest to prospective, current, and former Air Force members, as well as all current members of US Air Force MARS, and amateur radio operators in general.

North Central Division consists of Region V (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin) and Region VII (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska) as show in the map below.

If you would like to join USAF MARS review the Eligibility Requirements on the MARS Information page.and then complete the online Application Form.

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